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Manual Overwrapping Machine (Table Type)

Applicable to a variety of square products outside the film packaging, such as: medicine boxes, health food boxes, cosmetics boxes, perfume boxes, candy boxes, food boxes ... and so on, suitable for sample proofing, new test marketing and a small amount of urgent packaging. No need to change the mold and only three steps to complete the package.,vr porn site

Semi-Auto Overwrapping Machine


scat vedios,PM-205A with semi-automatic PM-207A, can speed up the packaging speed.


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09Feb 2021
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12Mar 2020

vr porn site,This machine is suitable for food packaging without manual bagging, which can increase productivity, save manpower, and save packaging material costs. Compared with traditional plastic wrap + poly box packaging commonly used in supermarkets, there are often problems such as liquid exposure or fresh food moving and deforming. The new form of skin-packing perfectly attaches the film to the fresh food, so that the original appearance of the food is not deformed, and the juice is perfectly stored in the food, and it will not gradually overflow with the storage time. In addition, the film can also increase the brightness of food, just as it helps fresh food to make beautiful appearance, which is more attractive to consumers!

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